About Placēbö Restaurant

Join us on a culinary journey where Latin zest meets timeless American tradition at Placēbö Restaurant. Nestled within the legendary Ruschmeyer’s Montauk, Placēbö draws from the vibrant tastes of Puerto Rico and iconic dishes of New York City. Our menu presents a fusion of creativity and comfort. Beyond experiencing a mere eatery, you’ll encounter a culinary sanctuary where innovation thrives…

Placēbö bursts through culinary boundaries, offering beloved classic dishes in exciting, unconventional ways. From American staples to Latin delights, every dish is crafted with passion, precision and a refreshing twist.

Placēbö was established by Nathan Leong and Sameer Qureshi, the visionary partners behind Somewhere Nowhere NYC, in collaboration with the esteemed leadership of El Grupo SN Hospitality. We guarantee an unforgettable brunch and dining experience, available both indoors and outdoors.

If you’re in search of a more intimate cocktail ambiance, we invite you to join us at Don Jaguar’s an exclusive speakeasy lounge accessible only by invitation or reservations at askthedon@elgruposn.com.

Our mission is to please at Placēbö Restaurant…

For larger parties and dinner experience inquiries, please contact us at placebo.mtk@elgruposn.com.